Who are you?

I’m Polaris! Or Roxas, or Atlas, depending on which character you know me as. Either way – when I’m not an animal, I make professional websites for an IT company as the lead web developer. And I looked at furries and thought, there’s maybe a niche there that I could contribute to. So here we are! I’m hoping to create some nice websites for less than you’d need to pay a real firm for, to maybe help some small businesses get a better web presence with that, and to maybe help pay my own bills with a little profit. 

Because all websites vary in content, complexity and difficulty to create - I don't give flat pricing. Contact me for a rundown of what I can price for you and what we can create! But if you want a starting price - sites start at $500! I can work with any hosting situation, as long as you can get the credentials for me to set it up, or can handle that part yourself. Otherwise, I can cut a deal with the company I work for to offer low-price, high-performance hosting on our servers.

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