Cawstumes / Xeshaire

Case Study:

Cawstumes Fursuits & Xeshaire’s Artwork

Software Tools:

WordPress, WPBakery, Pearl


Project Overview

Xeshaire has been an artist since 2009, and a suitmaker since 2014. She’s used a pair of Weebly sites up until now, but she wanted to upgrade to a more serious, singular site to cut costs, and make it easier for customers and existing Cawstumes owners to get information.

The landing page features her logo with a white stroke to increase visibility on a slider that cycles between various slides for both suits and artwork. Xeshaire is able to edit and change these at her leisure, with a custom built animation where the text fades in as a white bar slides to the right to add some flair to the homepage. 

The site is created with users in mind, and everything is made to be as straightforward and easy to use as possible. Pricing information is displayed in a ‘product list’ display, where the starting costs are clear, and big example images are front and center, helping potential customers get an idea of the work that Cawstumes is capable of. 

The same method is used for the artwork page, and it too helps potential commissioners see the quality of art that Xeshaire is capable of. This website has the expandability to take payments through it directly, though it is up to Xeshaire if she wishes to add this feature later on.  

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